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From the very beginning we've called JoJo our little bug. She has always been pretty fascinated with bugs as well. Last year we visited a butterfly pavilion in Denver, and IT WAS AMAZING! We got to see butterflies from all around the world up close and learn about them. We were all mesmerized! Since JoJo loves to twirl and spin around we thought it would be fun to transform her into a butterfly!

We used really simple supplies to make the butterfly wings: cardboard, acrylic paint, and elastic. We cut them out with a box cutter and assembled them with hot glue. Most of these things I already had around the house!

To make your own, here's what you need to do:

  1. Download Watts + Walsh butterfly wing template.
  2. Trace design of two butterfly wings onto both sides of cardboard. 
  3. Cut out with box cutter. Be careful!
  4. Paint the wings! We used Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints. Both affordable and lots of color choices.
  5. Cut out two rectangles (about 4x6 inches) from thin cereal box cardboard and paint them black.
  6. Attach each wing using hot glue at roughly a 45-degree angle to one of the cardboard rectangles. Hold the wings stable until glue hardens.
  7. Measure and cut two pieces of elastic, long enough to fit around child’s shoulder. 
  8. With hot glue, attach one end of the elastic to the top right corner of the second rectangle of cardboard (without the wings already attached). Attach the other end of the elastic to the bottom right corner of the cardboard. Repeat on the left side of the cardboard with the other piece of elastic.
  9. Sandwich the attached elastic between both rectangles of cardboard and secure with hot glue.
  10. Touch up the paint, particularly around glued joints.
  11. Finish costume off with pipe cleaner antenna and black clothes.

JoJo has loved this costume so much and loves to show it off! We have played with it for weeks fluttering around the house!

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