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In our family, we are longtime lovers of all things Pixar. Except for The Good Dinosour...but let's not talk about that. We were so excited when they announced Coco and knew that we would have to see it.  We saw it with fun cousins over the Thanksgiving break. It is such a heartwarming film and left us all a little choked up and in tears. The entire film to the animation to the music is so rich, full of color, and beautifully made. We left the theater so inspired.

guitar cardboard details

One thing, among many, that I love about Pixar movies is the attention to detail, and the details on the guitar were some of my favorites. As soon as I saw Miguel's guitar, I knew I had to make one of my own for JoJo! She's a bit obsessed with guitars and has to point them out to us every time she sees one.

The creation of the guitar was a somewhat organic process that developed and grew as we worked on it together. We started by cutting out the shape of the guitar multiple times from cardboard and then layering the pieces and hot gluing them together. This created a nice strong structure, which we knew we would need to withstand JoJo's shredding. On such a small guitar, we felt the need to simplify the elaborate patterns of the guitar in the movie. Using a combination of matte and metallic paints, we carefully painted the patterns. To finish off the guitar, and help it feel more real, we used cooking twine to add strings, and also added additional bits of cardboard to create a tailpiece and a fretboard.

JoJo loves all things makeup, so painting her face to match Miguel's was not too difficult. She did keep rubbing her little nose, though. In full costume and holding the guitar, JoJo looked amazing. She had such a fun time dressing up and playing!

makeup costume coco guitar child kid play fun

guitar play fun make your own play

Among all of the stunning visuals and amazing storytelling of Coco, there's also a wonderful message that really resonated with us. It's all about the importance of family, both the ones that are here with us, the ones that came before us, and the ones who are yet to come that we are leaving legacies for. Here at Watts + Walsh, the family is the most important thing to us. We are very connected to our ancestors, that laid a foundation for us, that taught us, and that have helped make us who we are today. We plan on passing down as much information, photos, and stories to JoJo as we can so that she can know the rich heritage that means so much to us.

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