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We have had such a bizarre winter this year! One day, the weather can be sunny, beautiful, and mild, then the next day, we will get so much snow! Every morning JoJo and I like to look out the window to see what the day will bring. Though every hour can bring something new at our house. We are definitely ready for spring to head our way!

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To help JoJo learn to identify the weather, we made a weather wheel! The icons are simple the colors are bright! Not only is the end product fun to use, but JoJo also loved putting it together...especially using the glue stick!

Download the Watts + Walsh Weather Wheel Template. You can use this SVG file to cut out on a cutting machine or to print off and use as a template to cut out by hand.

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Just look at how cute JoJo's little hands are! The morning we made our weather wheel, JoJo insisted on having her nails painted. Her favorite color is blue! 

I hope that that arrow can point a little less to that snowflake and wind and a little bit more to that rainbow and sunshine!

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do it yourself craft paper supplies weather wheel learning

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