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diy play rhino bonnet hat

We just love imaginative play at our house...especially pretending to be animals! JoJo has always loved learning about and playing with animals. A few years ago, we as a family took a trip to Denver and visited the zoo while we were there. The rhinos (among many others) made quite the impression on us.

play imagination animal rhino hat bonnet

An artist I absolutely love and think is genius is Made By Toya. She describes herself as a "making enthusiast by nature." I might have to put myself in that same category. She has a free animal bonnet pattern on her blog where she demonstrates how to make a cat and bunny bonnet. We have made a few kitty-cat bonnets over the years and JoJo has loved them.

diy rhino hat fleece play imagination animal

We took the basic structure of the bonnet and added our own rhino flare. We used craft felt for inside the ears to make them stiffer and stand out and also for the horn. We just cut and sewed a simple triangle shape and stuffed it with polyfill and then handstitched it on. The main part of the bonnet is made using fleece, fleece is so easy to work with because it is forgivable and can be mushed and pushed into shape.

JoJo has had so much fun just wearing her rhino hat around the house playing. It will also be so warm and cozy once the weather turns. I see a variety of animal hats in our future!

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